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Paula Thornton

Chris: Great leveraging and adding value in a conversation (particularly clarification by comparison).

I believe that the 'mistakes' come from 'not thinking' (too many cultures browbeat people into 'checking their brains at the door' -- from an article I cherished in 1990). Control is obviously needed -- 'not thinking' insists that more control is better. [assuming that being "really good" at control is a goal].

As you said, as I constantly speak to and as is fundamentally a divine principle, it's always a matter of both. It's the finding the balance, or the relevant point on the continuum -- while balancing a floating realm of other continuums -- that becomes a challenge.

The minute a 'rule' is established, it's already out of date -- the conditions for its creation have changed. That's why, for all the good provided, programmed processes are limiting at the same time.

Denying, ignoring or being apethetic toward these realities is selfdeprecating. Thinking "highly-controlled environments" are 'ideal' is just plain ignorant. 'More enlightened' competition will leverage the advantage (sadly, there's not a lot of this going on).

Love the "embracing the paradox". Reminds me, I'm reaching for my copy of "A Perfect Mess".

Paula Thornton

Coloring outside the lines:
“The way organizations adapt, survive and be productive is through the social interaction that happens outside the lines that we draw by hierarchy, process and organizational structure.” Ross Mayfield in CIO interview, http://www.cio.com/article/197101/Enterprise_Wikis_Seen_As_a_Way_to_End_Reply_All_E_Mail_Threads

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