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"I am who I am because of everyone" - What a bloody wrong concept of identity.

It shows that the person who made up the slogan can't place boundaries on his own identity - a sign of psychosis.

A person is who they are because of their personality traits, memories, ideas, the sense of self, consciousness, etc. NOT because of external factors or others' identities.

It doesn't take a philosophy professor to understand what identity is.

Chris Rodgers

Many thanks for your comments “GDA9”.

To try to do justice to the points you have made, I have decided to use your comment as the basis of a new post (http://informalcoalitions.typepad.com/informal_coalitions/2008/08/a-relational-vi.html ). In it, I’ve used the elements of identity that you listed in your comment to put more flesh on the 'relational' view of identity.

Given your passionate dismissal of this perspective, I’m not expecting that this will shift your own view!

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