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Stephen Billing

As usual, very well said Chris.

Bill Stagg

Chris, your comments come both as a revelation and in the nick of time. My organization was poised to unleash a "shared values/culture change" initiative that, it turns out, was heavy on the directive and training front, and skinny on the messier, informal side of change. Thankfully, circumstances have caused us to pause before pulling the trigger. After knocking back a few of your postings and the first chapter of Informal Coalitions (just received, thank you), we have in hand information that confirms our unease at taking the traditional bus to change. I look forward to blending Informal Coalitions into our cultural change efforts. Bravo, and many thanks...

Chris Rodgers

Many thanks, Bill, for your positive comments about this and other posts on the blog. I’m glad that these have helped you in some small way to rethink your strategy and settle on a different course. I hope you enjoy reading Informal Coalitions and that it further stimulates your thinking. If you have any queries of other comments, I’d be delighted to hear them. Good luck with the continuing challenges of change! All the best, Chris.

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