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Chris: This is way better than sending me an email : )

"the ‘stuff’ of organizations – such as actions, outputs and outcomes - emerge from the ongoing, self-organizing dynamics of people interacting together"

And yet, where in organizations is anyone focused on these most critical, life-sustaining interactions? Oh, the potential that is constantly lost to inattention and chance (and yet businesses will soundly proclaim all the things they do to avoid risk -- poppycock!).

Chris Rodgers

Thanks, Paula.

Management education has encouraged us to think about the 'big things' of organizational life - strategies, structures, systems etc - as though these come into being and are sustained through processes that have little or nothing to do with people's day-to-day interactions. Indeed, these are often thought of as distractions from or, worse still, barriers to "Management's" sophisticated task - rather than the very essence of leadership practice.

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