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Adrian Segar

Chris, we share a number of overlapping interests. I have written about the limitations of a "best practices" viewpoint:


But I'm also struck by the numerous similarities between your description of the characteristics of practice-based evidence and those of the participant-driven conferences I've been designing and facilitating over the last twenty years.

We can think of a conference as a microcosm of an organization; albeit one that exists for a short amount of time with participants who mostly don't know each other and who, therefore, need effective ways to make use of the fleeting time they are together. I work to explore and improve such ways, much as you work to explore and improve organizational effectiveness.

Chris Rodgers

Hi Adrian,

Apologies for a somewhat belated response!

Many thanks for your supportive comments and the link to your "Conferences that Work" website. As I've said in a later post on this site "the conversations are the work", and you clearly echo that sentiment in your own practice.

It was interesting, too, that the specific link you included was one in which you decried the use of so-called "best practice" as a route to performance improvement. This is something else with which we are in agreement. Back in November 2008, I wrote a post entitled "Where is the magic in best practice?". This similarly points to some of its many flaws. You can find the post here: http://informalcoalitions.typepad.com/informal_coalitions/2008/11/where-is-the-magic-in-best-practice.html

Thank you again for your comment.

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