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Chris Rodgers

Another Oops!

In the original post, I included a list of statements about Jeremy Corbyn that had been made by politicians and other commentators throughout the Labour leadership campaign, and in its immediate aftermath.

The last of these has provided the backcloth for the first three months of his time in the role. That is:

"He will not have sufficient credibility with the British public to be elected as Prime Minister in May 2020."

My response to this was (and remains), "Who knows?!"

Consistent with the widely held belief in Corbyn's eventual demise was the view that the Labour Party candidate would either be roundly defeated in yesterday's by-election in Oldham West and Royton or, at best, hold on to the seat by the skin of his teeth. In the event, he increased his party's share of the vote and won the seat with a substantial majority. Oops!

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