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Fredrik Bååthe

Lovely post, thank you Chris! When I wrote my PhD thesis about Physicians'engagement for improvement work, Ralph Stacey's writings about complex responsive processes added another dimension to the analysis. I believe he is also part of your phronetic backbone.

Your final lines made me remember how I concluded the thesis: I associated this humbling learning endeavor with a special sentence, energizing and soothing all at the same time, written by the 2011 Nobel Laureate in literature Tomas Tranströmer (Romanska Bågar, from the 1989 collection of poems called ”För levande och döda”).

You´ll never be complete, and that´s as it should be. (Du blir aldrig färdig, och det är som det skall)

Chris Rodgers

A "lovely" response, too, Fredrik, if I can borrow your very pleasing term.

You are, of course, correct about my broad alignment with the "complex responsive process" thinking of Ralph Stacey, Chris Mowles, and their current and past colleagues at the University of Hertfordshire. However, I don't tend to use this term in my own writing, to describe the dynamics of organization, for the reasons that I set out in a 2013 post: http://informalcoalitions.typepad.com/informal_coalitions/2013/03/describing-the-complexreality-of-everyday-human-interaction.html.

As I commented then, I think that we've 'pitched our tents in broadly the same space. And that our thoughts differ only at the margins.

Thanks, again, for your comment - and for your closing quotation, which resonates strongly.

Cheers, Chris

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